Caliper Performance Manager

Caliper® Performance Manager from Fiserv is a standalone investment performance measurement engine and data warehouse designed specifically for large brokerage firms and private client environments.


The financial services marketplace is constantly changing, providing opportunities for success and profit to companies that evolve faster than their competitors. The ability to service customers is also of the utmost importance to firms that want to retain business and attract new customers. Now more than ever, financial services institutions require technology that enables them to stay ahead of the competition while providing best-in-class service to customers.

Caliper Performance Manager allows financial professionals to have access to Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) returns for individual accounts, any composite, or combined grouping of accounts, or an entire customer relationship.

This provides the financial professional with the information necessary to have timely discussions with their customers at any level — investment accounts, managed products, retirement planning and education planning.


  • Comprehensive measurement of daily or monthly performance returns at multiple user-defined levels for portfolios, households and composites
  • The ability to import and automatically validate high-volumes of security, account, transaction, benchmark and index data at record speed
  • Accrual calculations on a wide range of fixed income instruments providing accurate valuations and performance
  • Open architecture database for simple integration with any firm’s preferred report publishing package

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