Drive the market with innovative, feature-rich financial services designed to grow member relationships. Galaxy® from Fiserv combines a solid lineup of integrated solutions with a best-in-class data center to serve today’s credit unions and members.


Designed by credit unions for credit unions, the intuitive, user-friendly interface, feature-rich account processing solution offered by Galaxy makes it easy to deliver fast, convenient and consistent member service.

Leveraging the solution’s integrated tools, credit union staff can demonstrate that they understand each member as an individual and can lead them into the future with dynamic financial services. The suite of feature-rich online banking and mobile solutions go far beyond service, providing members with access to budgeting tools, credit reporting and much more.

Using its powerful data analytics, easily access the information you need to run day-to-day business and make intelligent financial decisions. Quickly gauge performance against peers using a dashboard view, or dig deeper to analyze member information. View, download and modify reports from the online library, or create a personalized custom report.

Galaxy delivers the same software functionality in an online, in-house and resource management environment. Gain the confidence to choose the processing method that meets your needs today – knowing you can easily transition to another method later.

Galaxy is housed in a robust data center with an industry-leading disaster recovery solution that continuously replicates member data. This, coupled with our long-standing commitment to PCI and other regulatory requirements, makes it easy to appease auditors and rest at night knowing member data is protected.


  • Intuitive interface: The recently-redesigned Windows-based software offers an intuitive design, so anyone who can navigate a PC can easily navigate Galaxy
  • Easy integration: Access your favorite products, both from Fiserv and other third-party vendors, using the openness and flexibility of its service-oriented architecture
  • Robust security settings: Customize the security to grant or deny staff access to almost anything in the system. Define access to features on the tab, button and field level by individual or group
  • Online self-service: NetBranch for Galaxy from Fiserv gives members around-the-clock access to their accounts. With a customizable interface and a full line of robust features, members can access budgeting tools, credit reporting, flexible bill payment and much more
  • Powerful reporting: Comprehensive data analytics provide the information you need to make intelligent business decisions
  • Effective training: A full array of resources makes it easy to train staff. Participate in live training, or use the on demand learning center to complete training modules, participate in webinars; access pre-configured member marketing materials, and communicate with peers using the Galaxy Client Community

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