Leading-Edge Account Processing

A modern, scalable and open account processing platform from Fiserv can help you meet ever-changing consumer expectations and create a world-class banking experience for your customers and employees. 

Our uniquely integrated approach and commitment to openness helps banks gain operational efficiencies, introduce new products and solutions to market faster, and better leverage customer data to predict their needs – helping you to maintain your competitive edge, better service your customers and achieve your strategic business goals.

Choose a bank platform that fits your needs and strategies. Each Fiserv platform offers a combination of services and features as unique as the needs of your organization, whether your institution has a multitude of branches and holds billions of dollars in assets or is a thriving fintech.

Our Platforms Offer the Following Features:


Open Architecture and APIs – The use of the latest technologies allows for easy integration of third-party solutions and delivery of flexibility while being easily customized and extended, enabling you to create highly tailored solutions from your back-office operations to all of your customer experience touchpoints.

Continuous Real-Time Processing – Allows for delivery of real-time performance by executing and storing transactions as they occur. This capability aids with consistently up-to-date customer, account and transaction data across all channels and supports rapid data analysis.



Modern, Standards-based Components – Our platforms are built on advanced, industry Standards-Based components, including Microsoft and Oracle technology. We offer a unique relational database design for unlimited scalability and operational flexibility, along with real-time back-up for business continuity.

Cloud Readiness – Choose between in-house account processing or a SaaS delivery model. Fiserv is quickly advancing our cloud initiatives by developing cloud-native solutions and adding public cloud deployment options.




Fiserv account processing platforms are scalable and designed to support banks with diverse business models, asset sizes, customers and operating environments both now and for future growth.

The cloud is not a technology strategy. It is part of your strategy for success. Our goal is to offer a flexible infrastructure that lets financial institutions place products and tools where it makes the most sense for them.

– Keith Fulton, SVP, Chief Information Officer, Account Processing, Fiserv

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Best-in-Class Banking Core

Today's financial institution means so much more to its accountholders than a place to deposit money. Aite named Fiserv a "best in class" core banking provider based on key criteria:

  • Vendor stability
  • Client strength
  • Client service
  • Product features
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