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Maximize your sales and marketing resources by effectively using your existing electronic channels. Digital Marketing Tools from Fiserv help improve your product sales and use your marketing dollars more effectively.


As the popularity of internet and mobile banking grows, opportunities for in-branch sales conversations are at an all-time low. New cross-selling strategies are needed to help financial institutions replace that one-on-one interaction with customers.

Our Digital Marketing Tools turn every customer into an opportunity to present targeted product offers and deliver pertinent service messages, using your existing ATM, telephone, internet, mobile and in-branch channels to deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

Credit SenseSM is a comprehensive program that helps customers and members monitor their credit scores while increasing cross-sell opportunities for your institution.

Next Multi-Channel Marketing turns your financial institution's service channels into opportunities for cross-selling products and strengthening relationships. When a customer accesses your institution's services, it creates a "golden moment," regardless of the service channel, for you to interact with that customer.

Deepening relationships with existing customers is the most efficient way to achieve growth, yet realizing the full potential of cross-selling has been difficult for most financial institutions.

Micronotes® Cross-Sell™ for Digital Channels creates a new opportunity to reach customers in a personal, direct, individualized way via today's most widely used digital channels and devices.


  • Seamless integration with the account processing platform
  • Your staff can meet consumer needs better by quickly understanding what offers are "fresh" while avoiding irrelevant offers
  • Promoting money-saving services such as electronic statements can save your financial institution thousands of dollars each year
  • Increases advertising effectiveness by informing multichannel marketing systems of specific consumer needs
  • Delivers qualified leads to proper frontline staff for follow-up

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