Digital Engagement

Consumers and businesses expect financial solutions that are in step with life – solutions that are intuitive, innovative, personalized and consistent. Digital banking solutions from Fiserv help you meet those expectations with real-time money movement – online, on a smartphone or in a branch.


Digital banking is the fastest growing channel in the financial industry. It's essential that you understand the digital literacy, usage, and needs of your multi-generational customers and adapt appropriately.

Digital banking isn't a means, it's a mindset. There needs to be a focus on increasing the usage of digital channels. That's because a digital user doesn't just represent someone actively engaged with your mobile app, or your website. They represent a customer who is actively engaged with your bank, with your brand, and with you as their financial service provider.

A digital culture means your employees are capitalizing on interactions with non-digital users; introducing them to the benefits of digital while they're in the branch or through your call center; helping them become digital banking "converts".

Build digital into your culture and see the direct benefits of increased digital adoption and a change in how your employees think about digital. Confidence grows, and your people will realize that digital is a priority. This is how you turn digital banking into a mindset and turn your bank into a truly digital organization.


  • More digitally engaged customers
  • These customers have more products, higher balances and are more profitable
  • More control to deliver digital banking services when and how you want
  • More digital innovation delivered more frequently

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