Mortgage Origination

Mortgage lenders are challenged to deliver a more efficient lending process in tandem with a compelling borrower experience. Fiserv offers an end-to-end solution to originate, process, underwrite and deliver loans in a secure, paperless environment.


Mortgage origination has become complex and borrowers are connecting in real time. And with mortgage origination costs increasing to record levels and closing times longer than expected, Fiserv now offers Digital Mortgage solutions that transform the mortgage origination process.

We offer a web- and mobile-ready solution that engages your customer in a self-service experience. It keeps them connected with the human touch at the same time using live messaging or video chat. The application process is fast leveraging data from your core banking platform to accelerate the process. In addition, our solution is connected to data acquisition services that help your customers validate their assets, income and employment, saving days from today's manual process.

Our workflow system supports traditional loan origination with features to activate digital and automated tasks.

Automating processes into work queues for parallel task processing and using always-on data checks to verify the accuracy of data from multiple sources is critical to success. Most importantly, automation guarantees that unique characteristics to support eligibility and compliance are always on and remove the risk of manual review and validation.

Fiserv mortgage solutions help you expand product offerings that may include HELOCs and  construction loans.


  • Online application, borrower portal and paperless document upload
  • LOS prebuilt workflows
  • Rules-based population of fees, conditions and print forms
  • Integrated imaging
  • Real-time status alerts

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