Consumer and Home Lending

Fiserv offers superior consumer and home lending solutions that reduce costs, generate revenue, allow you to stay focused in an increasingly competitive landscape, and position you for future growth.


Consumers are looking for their lending experience to be at the speed of life. Imagine enabling your customers with digital capabilities that drive significant return on investment and high customer satisfaction.

Today, lenders operate in an evolving marketplace in which they are challenged to deliver a more efficient lending process in tandem with a compelling borrower experience.

The 2018 Fiserv Expectations & Experiences survey on Borrowing and Wealth Management found that digital experiences influence how people manage and make decisions about borrowing; 46 percent of consumers have accessed their loan or lease statements online, while 42 percent have gone online to schedule payments; and 47 percent of consumers would be comfortable applying for a primary mortgage online.

Rapidly evolving consumer expectations require a seamless approach to banking experiences, including mortgage origination. PCLender provides Fiserv with a full digital suite of home lending origination solutions.

Velocity™ is an open-architecture loan origination system that supports consumer, business, home equity and indirect loans on the same platform. Velocity allows you to tap into a new generation of borrowers who expect instant, online services.


  • Advanced features and functions enable you to customize your business rules to satisfy risk-management practices
  • Browser-based functionality translates into central point-of-access for IT departments, saving time and money
  • Seamless integration into a variety of host processors and third-party services enhances usability
  • Advanced compliance features help your institution stay current with state and federal regulations as they arise
  • Dynamic online loan origination presence meets borrower expectations for 24/7 loan decisions

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