Cash Management

Your business customers need self-service banking capabilities they can access when and where they wish. Cash Management solutions from Fiserv start with easy access, and meet your customers' needs with robust capabilities to move and manage money.


Understanding how cash flows through a business, and where efficiencies can be found, are where the greatest revenue opportunities lie. A comprehensive cash management system from Fiserv gives your financial institution the right tools for revenue generation, ACH, wires and payments, and focuses on how your customers manage and move money.

Financial institutions enhance customer relationships and grow valuable fee-based revenues and deposits when providing remittance solutions that meet the needs of their customers. Using our expertise in lockbox, cost analysis and imaging technology, revenue growth and the ability to manage costs are priorities.

Handling wire transactions with Fiserv are secure, save time, and easy with automation. WireXchange®, alongside Wire Manager, and ACH Manager in Business OnlineTM, offer the flexibility to move money your business customers need. PEP+® is the industry standard for highly efficient and technologically advanced ACH payment solutions.

A robust cash management product, Commercial CenterSM features five modules that work together to offer an integrated user experience and meets the most comprehensive business banking needs. This approach makes it easy to use, personalized and secure.


  • Get faster access to funds and improve cash flow
  • Receive and post payment information faster
  • Improve customer service and ship products more quickly

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