Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment

Fiserv provides a comprehensive electronic billing and payment solution that enables thousands of financial institutions and hundreds of businesses to give their customers and members the convenience of receiving and paying their household bills online.

Our Solution

The bill payment landscape continues to fracture and shift with newer channels, such as mobile and tablet, emerging alongside well-established payment methods like checks, mail, walk-in and phone. It is more important than ever to provide your customers and members with a bill pay solution that is intelligent, intuitive and interactive.

While paper bills and statements are designed for static, one-way communication, Fiserv can help you transform this monthly drill into a targeted, ongoing dialogue complete with user self-service capabilities. With real-time, interactive and personalized delivery of your bills and statements, you can enhance your customer and member relationships.

With electronic bill presentment and payments solutions from Fiserv, you'll be able to power a range of online, interactive applications, extending well beyond electronic billing and statements to include customer self-service, online provisioning, marketing and bill and statement analysis. Implement quickly, reliably and securely, while reducing costs as you increase contact and customer service in ways not possible with paper documents. Build intuitive user interfaces that make it easy for consumers to pay bills and people they know, view their e-bills, and maintain complete control over their financial activities.


Our solution allows you to:

  • Support customer viewing and paying of bills and statements online anytime, anywhere
  • Help customers access and understand critical information and statement details with analytical capabilities
  • Allow customers to schedule payments via their preferred payment methods
  • Direct targeted, one-to-one marketing campaigns to get you closer to customers
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors, while strengthening brand recognition when customers visit your website

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