Relationship Rewards for Premier

Relationship Rewards for Premier® from Fiserv helps you develop a variety of tailored rewards programs that enhance customer interactions, retain accounts and make relationships more profitable.


Most rewards programs offered by financial institutions today focus on adoption of checking accounts or increased debit and credit card activity. By contrast, Relationship Rewards for Premier is a comprehensive solution that helps you attract and retain accounts and drive customer loyalty by providing flexible incentives that recognize and reward the entire banking relationship.

With Relationship Rewards, you choose the rewards criteria and perks that fit the market segments your financial institution seeks to cultivate. As a result, your financial institution can offer multiple programs to attract and serve a diverse clientele.

To customers who satisfy your selected criteria, you can offer premium interest rates, reduced fees and other bank-fulfilled benefits. The ability to reward profitable customer behaviors like electronic statement delivery, direct deposit, point-of-sale transactions and online bill pay helps improve customer profitability and retention.

Relationship Rewards Loyalty Points, a separately licensed component of our rewards solution, offers an additional, exciting way to reward your customers. When they satisfy the rewards criteria you select, customers earn points that can be redeemed online with UChoose Rewards®, an industry leader in rewards fulfillment. Redemption options include brand-name products, merchant gift cards, travel, event tickets or even cash back.

A solution with proven results, Relationship Rewards helps attract accounts, keep customers and increase profits by promoting cost-efficient activities that cultivate loyalty and generate revenue for your financial institution.


  • Selectable rewards criteria: Multiple parameters can be selected to create custom incentives for new and long-time customers. Criteria can include opening new accounts, minimum balance requirements, transaction activity, electronic banking, online bill payment and more
  • Attractive customer incentives: You can choose any combination of perks to reward your customers, including premium interest rates, cash rebates, UChoose Rewards Points, waived service charge fees, and refunded ATM and bill payment fees
  • Turnkey programs: In addition to setting up your own custom programs with Relationship Rewards, you can select from several preconfigured rewards programs from Fiserv that offer incentives to targeted customer segments
  • Detailed reporting: The reporting function provides data from the whole range of customer interaction and account activity. In addition to a selection of standard reports, integration with Business Analytics for Premier provides dashboards that give you an accurate picture of key business metrics to help gauge product success

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