Philippine Veterans Bank Embarks on Digital Transformation to Serve Customers in New Ways

Philippine Veterans Bank has selected Fiserv to help enable the bank's digital transformation. The bank will launch digital banking capabilities as it focuses on delivering a unified customer experience that spans physical and digital channels.

"We were confident choosing Fiserv because they have a proven record of successfully launching digital banking capabilities, and we knew they could help us navigate new areas," said Camille Maricelle M. Canullas, senior vice president and information technology group head, Philippine Veterans Bank. "We're putting in place technology that will enable us to better serve existing customers and attract new ones. Our staff will have a more comprehensive view of customer relationships, and customers will have access to digital services aligned with how they live and work."

The bank will use DigitalAccess for online and mobile banking, extending the customer experience in new ways. DigitalAccess, which will integrate with the bank's core account processing platform, enables digital onboarding to allow customers to open bank accounts and apply for loans and other banking products without having to visit a bank branch. Additional features include personal financial management tools, online mobile phone top-up capabilities, biometric authentication, actionable push notifications, and ATM and branch location searches.

In the future, as bank customers interact through branch and digital channels, they will be able to get the most up-to-date account information no matter which channels they use.

"To support the growing needs of more mobile and digitally savvy customers, more financial institutions are embarking on the path of digital transformation," said Marc Mathenz, managing director, Asia Pacific, Fiserv. "Veterans Bank is reinforcing their commitment to serving their customers with their decision to move to new technology that will facilitate interactions across physical and digital channels, allowing the bank to provide seamless financial services to customers."

Fiserv solutions enable clients to achieve best-in-class results in 16 countries across Asia Pacific. Fiserv provides a range of solutions to clients, including some of the largest banks in Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia, through its more than 6,000 associates in the region and offices in Sydney and Singapore.

Available to financial institutions outside the United States, DigitalAccess is designed to help meet the needs of new and growing financial institutions that require a solution with packaged and easy to deploy functionality. DigitalAccess offers the agility to meet fast-changing business and customer requirements, including the ability to scale as the business grows.