Profitability Analysis for DNA

Profitability Analysis for DNA® is a powerful profitability measurement tool that computes and presents profitability from the organizational, departmental, product, accountholder or complete relationship level – all from a single application.


The most successful financial institutions are able to identify profit resources and maximize their potential. You can become one of them by deploying Profitability Analysis for DNA from Fiserv.

Profitability Analysis for DNA analyzes profitability at any level of your organization and generates profit results and value indicators that clearly reveal contributors to your bottom line. You can segment and profile valuable customers to determine how to retain their business and attract others like them. The solution can also help you understand why some products, business units or channels are top performers, so you can replicate that success across your organization. Through your profitability analysis, your profit center managers can better understand how their actions impact performance and even use the simulation module to rapidly test "what-if" scenarios.

Profitability Analysis for DNA can operate as a stand-alone product or as part of the Financial Accounting for DNA suite to address all of your accounting needs. The solution is easily customizable and offers standard interfaces for integration with a variety of account processing systems.


Profitability Analysis for DNA goes beyond the surface to perform rigorous analyses such as funds transfer pricing and activity-based costing. It uses highly refined, statistically rigorous and fully validated methods to reveal the characteristics of valuable accountholders, products and business entities – helping you derive insights from your data and deliver them in a way that facilitates understanding and use.

With Profitability Analysis for DNA, you can:

  • Rapidly segment, profile and understand the characteristics of your best accountholders, officers, products and business units
  • Set up your own business rules to generate profitability results
  • Import data from across your enterprise into a central database and reconcile against your general ledger
  • Integrate custom or third-party utilities, tables and analysis tools
  • Facilitate organizational change with value indicators that encourage profit-conscious behavior throughout your organization

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