Financial Accounting: General Ledger for DNA

Your general ledger is the heart of your business records. Financial Accounting: General Ledger for DNA® from Fiserv helps you efficiently manage financial information and use it to make sound business decisions for enhanced business performance.


Enhancing the performance of your financial institution depends on the efficient management of financial information – and that starts with your general ledger. Financial Accounting: General Ledger for DNA from Fiserv provides all the financial accounting and reporting capabilities you need to produce reliable reports, help grow your business and comply with regulatory requirements.

General Ledger for DNA brings all your balances, averages, budgets and processed journal entries together in one complete financial information database. It delivers accurate, updated earnings data with simple closing processes that support custom fiscal requirements, security controls, adjustments and the ability to produce restated reports when needed. In addition to comprehensive general ledger accounting and control, the solution supports management reporting with a template library and custom reporting capabilities that can provide consolidated financial information at the institution, branch office or department level.

General Ledger for DNA can operate as a stand-alone product or as part of the Financial Accounting for DNA suite to address all of your accounting needs. It also integrates seamlessly with other accounting and information management solutions.


General Ledger for DNA supports daily, monthly, quarterly and year-end general ledger processing, along with the ability to back-date journal entries up to 12 months or future-date journal entries up to two months. It also provides multiple account views, including current and historical actual, average and budget.

The solution enables fast throughput for processing large data volumes and uses automated workflows to streamline everything from scheduled journal entries to report generation so you can spend less time entering transaction information and more time acting on your data. The system seamlessly imports journal entries from external applications – bringing in loan, deposit, accounts payable, fixed assets, investments and budget data from asset/liability management and budgeting solutions. Robust management reporting capabilities help you improve accountability and uncover opportunities to increase profitability.

General Ledger for DNA enables you to:

  • Conduct responsibility-center reporting with user-defined hierarchy tables
  • Audit your accounting for compliance with GAAP, AICPA, FASB and SEC regulations
  • Create custom reports or choose from a complete library of report templates, such as balance sheet, income statement, rate, yield, budget and variance reports
  • Develop reports for multiple institutions, with the ability to consolidate hierarchical roll-ups and reporting for those institutions
  • Enhance your record-keeping with unlimited historical data retention and data purging utilities
  • Distribute reports via e-mail or by exporting to other applications

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