Financial Accounting: Accounts Payable for DNA

Financial Accounting: Accounts Payable for DNA® from Fiserv provides complete payables processing along with vendor management, flexible invoice vouchering routines, cash management tools and reporting.


Financial Accounting: Accounts Payable for DNA from Fiserv enables you to streamline the daily payables process and proactively manage your relationships with vendors and suppliers. It automates bill payment and invoice management across multiple organizations and processes each business unit or entity independently, so you can decentralize payment processing yet still retain management control. The solution increases productivity while addressing your unique financial and management accounting needs.

Accounts Payable for DNA can operate as a stand-alone product or as part of the Financial Accounting for DNA suite to address all of your accounting needs. It also integrates seamlessly with other accounting and information management solutions as well as with your core system.


To simplify your payables process, Accounts Payable for DNA features comprehensive general ledger distribution with supporting integrated journal transactions, automated check-writing, ACH file generation and complete 1099 reporting. An unlimited vendor invoice and distribution history is also available to ease your vendor-related research and reporting tasks.

The solution simplifies paperwork – just print payables checks from a laser printer and designate a separate printer for reports. Accounts Payable for DNA accommodates manual or voided checks by automatically making adjustments to vendor and invoice histories and the check register as needed. It also supports payments made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) interface. Use the solution to maintain and access complete information about your vendors, including open invoices, discounts, various histories and more.

Accounts Payables for DNA enables you to:

  • Specify customized parameters, including journal entry interfaces, ACH data and 1099-MISC data
  • Automate recurring payables, such as rent or leases
  • Forecast cash requirements by vendor and due date
  • Automate tax reporting by printing 1099-MISC reporting forms and creating the 1099-MISC magnetic file
  • Conduct cash or accrual-based accounting and create journal entries that can be interfaced to the general ledger
  • Upload any electronic invoice file (such as a scanned image, PDF or other electronic format) and manage the invoice approval process via an automated workflow

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