Supplier Requirements

Suppliers are commonly identified through sourcing events. All suppliers must meet approval requirements.

New suppliers are commonly identified through sourcing events conducted by the Fiserv Enterprise Sourcing Services team. Approval of a new supplier is determined by a set of requirements. At a minimum, approval requirements include:

  • Supplier-business verification
  • Financial review
  • Insurance validation
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) terrorist watch list screening
  • Provision of a single ACH payment remittance
  • Agreement to utilize the Coupa Supplier Network (CSN) to acknowledge receipt of Purchase Orders and to invoice Fiserv electronically against those orders.

Other approval requirements may include:

  • Review of applicable third-party audit results
  • PCI Compliance
  • Review of business continuity/disaster recovery plans
  • Screening verification of employee background checks
  • Willingness to agree to Fiserv's standard contract terms
  • Other requirements as necessary

The completion and submission of the Supplier Profile Form does not guarantee a potential new supplier will be selected to do business with Fiserv.

View the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics.