Invoicing Requirements

Following the automated systems Fiserv has in place will ensure timely and accurate invoice processing.

Excluding Reseller Purchase Orders and non-PO purchase requests, suppliers should submit invoices electronically through the Coupa Supplier Network (CSN) – instructions are provided during onboarding.

Fiserv has automated systems in place to ensure timely and accurate invoice processing, assuming the invoice meets the below requirements. Invoices that do not may be rejected or payment may be blocked and/or delayed.

Invoice data requirements

All invoices must include:

  • Supplier name, remittance address, phone number and email address
  • Invoice number and date
  • PO number – limit one PO per invoice
  • Ship to address
  • Description of goods/services (consistent with PO)
  • Subtotal (matching the PO)
  • Freight charges and tax for total amount of invoice
  • Fiserv associate's name (only for non-PO invoices)

One PO = One Invoice

  • Only one PO number is to be included on an invoice. If multiple POs are included, the invoice will be rejected

Multiple line item invoices

  • Do not include any line items on the invoice that were not part of the PO. This includes item substitutions
  • Line numbers from the PO must be included (and match) line item numbers on the invoice

Do not add extra charges to the invoice

  • Add freight charges and tax to the invoice as a separate line item

Single Remittance Address

  • Fiserv is moving towards ACH payments being made for all supplier payments. Fiserv requires a single remit-to address (preference is ACH) for each supplier.

Unit of measure must match the PO

  • The unit of measure included on your invoice must match the unit of measure received on the PO

Currency must match the PO

  • The currency included on your invoice must match the currency received on the PO

Credit Memos

  • Reference corresponding invoice numbers and PO numbers on all credit memos
  • Submit one credit memo per invoice

It is extremely important to send invoices via the proper method

  • All information listed in Invoice Data Requirements must be included on each invoice