Prologue Visual Intelligence

Development of a profitable and successful financial accounting strategy is data-driven and requires insightful analytics. However, many financial institutions lose considerable time consolidating data from numerous departments and systems. 

Data across the Prologue™ product suite becomes more valuable with Prologue Visual IntelligenceTM from Fiserv. Providing comprehensive, visual and collaborative analytics, Prologue Visual Intelligence promotes collaboration and innovation, leading to business users solving problems and making strategic and profitable decisions.

Data and calculations from the Prologue product suite are seamlessly integrated with enough flexibility and scalability to incorporate customized data sets from third-party data sources.

With Prologue Visual Intelligence, CFOs and finance leaders can view data at summary and detail levels, through comparative time periods and across multiple dimensions.

Visual Analytics for Finance

By leveraging Fiserv-developed data models and dashboards, self-service data modeling and customizable visual analytics, business users will have the tools, critical information and capacity they need to run a successful operation.

Prologue Visual Intelligence blends data, narrative and visualizations for actionable insights, profitable decisions and enlightened change.

Enable forward-thinking analytical innovation across the enterprise


Fast time-to-value with rich visualizations, reporting and data insights on day one


Streamline the reporting process to regain valuable time for true analytics

Optimize data integrity and governance by systematically and securely tapping into your financial performance data

Compare performance with more than 12,000 financial institutions to maximize operating efficiency and profitability

Integrate and standardize data and calculation results within the Prologue product suite as well as third-party solutions for optimized data management 

Self-service capabilities enable data visualizations and analysis on-the-fly for immediate insights

Prologue Visual Intelligence 

Transform the traditional role of the CFO to drive innovative, insightful financial planning and data analysis.

Prologue Funds Transfer Pricing 

Measure profitability more effectively with Prologue Visual Intelligence and Prologue Funds Transfer Pricing.

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