Prologue Funds Transfer Pricing

Understanding which of your branches and loans are the most profitable can help you bolster performance and profitability by investing further in what works. Equally important, identifying entities with suboptimal returns enables you to take corrective action.

Improve Time-Intensive Budgeting Process

Spend less time and money on budgeting while improving forecasting.

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Our Solution

Prologue™ FTP from Fiserv measures profitability and contribution to net interest margin at the branch or officer level by reflecting the economic characteristics of each customer account and instrument. The system avoids the built-in limitations and inaccuracies of a simple pool-based approach and provides a comprehensive set of allocation techniques. With Prologue FTP, you can better understand the source of profits and objectively measure performance.


  • Multiple transfer methodologies
  • Transfer rate adjustments
  • Break funding
  • Term pricing
  • Selective pricing
  • Comprehensive reporting

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