Prologue Financials Employee Expense Manager

Relying on paper-based processes and spreadsheets for employee expense reports and receipts is a tedious, cost-laden process. Delayed approvals, data entry errors and a lack of confidence in the auditing process are all too common.

PrologueTM Financials Employee Expense Manager from Fiserv provides a cost-efficient solution to these issues. A web-based add‑on module that integrates with Prologue Financials Accounts Payable, Employee Expense Manager enables paperless employee expense submission, approval and routing to accounts payable for payment – all while maintaining a full audit trail.


Why Financial Institutions Need Automated Expense Management

  • Make it easier for employees to submit expense reports via desktop or mobile
  • Improve process efficiency while reducing operational costs
  • Lower the probability of errors
  • Prevent expense-related fraud
  • Gain visibility and transparency via a detailed audit trail
  • Reduce time spent in chasing down individuals to correct report submissions


Prologue Financials Employee Expense Manager integrates seamlessly with Prologue Financials Accounts Payable and Prologue Financials General Ledger for a more complete financial management ecosystem.

Designed especially for financial institutions, Expense Manager is more cost-effective than typical enterprise-level expense management tools.

Extend your investment in Prologue Financials with a cost-effective expense management solution


Save time and money by automating and streamlining employee expense processing

Reduce manual steps with automated workflow and alerts

Show real-time status updates for employees on their expense reimbursements

Conveniently submit and approve expense reports on-the-go from a mobile device or desktop

Customize rules for expense types and approval workflows to fit your business needs

Meet compliance requirements with full audit trail



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Prologue Financials Employee Expense Manager delivers paperless employee expense submission, approval and routing to accounts payable for payment.



Six Reasons to Automate Employee Expense Reports

See how Prologue Financials Employee Expense Manager makes for a cleaner, clearer and quicker process.

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