Accurate Reconciliation & Exception Management

Regulatory requirements, and the risks associated with issuing incorrect financial statements, mean organizations must be able to demonstrate robust financial controls and have confidence in the accuracy of the entire balance sheet.

Our Solution

AccurateTM Reconciliation from Fiserv provides a powerful state-based processing engine that uses configurable rules to check large quantities of financial data for accuracy against anticipated results. The solution supports all account and transaction types, is fully multi-currency enabled, and provides financial control through automation of the account and balance sheet reconciliation process.


  • Significant reduction in costs - by automating this process, employees can work on other high value items such as exception item resolution
  • Reduced risk and increased efficiency through automated processes, eliminating manual efforts that can result in costly errors and providing staff with a clear path to resolution
  • Increased compliance by providing a clear audit trail of actions taken throughout the reconciliation and exception management process through extensive Workflow capability

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