Paper-Free Lending

Secure, electronic options streamline loan processes throughout the lending life cycle. Our single-vendor solution lets you adopt cost-saving eMortgage capabilities at a pace that suits your business requirements.

With compliance as a primary driver, lenders are faced with the challenge of ensuring that every loan file is complete, error-free and compliant with evolving state and federal guidelines, while managing increasing volumes of information that must be securely shared with multiple parties in a timely manner.

For lenders, these new standards mean additional steps for consumer communication, tracking and auditing throughout loan origination and servicing. To keep pace, lending processes must provide better transparency of documentation, reporting, and evidence of ongoing due diligence. Banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and loan servicers must find new ways to support this more constrained business environment.

Our Solution

New compliance requirements are causing unprecedented challenges for lenders to manage data accuracy, information management and exchange, internal and external audits, and reporting. Meeting the strict time limits that govern disclosures and other time-sensitive documents, and providing information in real time make traditional paper-based processes too costly, error-prone, and not responsive to changing industry – and consumer – expectations.

Fiserv offers paperless lending solutions that save time, cut costs and increase convenience.  Our paper-free processes provide version-controlled electronic exchange with electronic signing options. This capability supports auditable transparency for all parties involved from origination through sale of the loan on the secondary market. For loan sales, it also includes the legally compliant transfer of electronically signed documents, such as the promissory note.


Paperless lending, offered as software-as-a-service, results in significant ROI. The processes provide the means to efficiently control, document, accelerate and manage the hard costs of communication:

  • Simplify compliance with industry policies and regulations. Achieve greater transparency between regulators, borrowers, investors and departments within your organization
  • Leverage the entire Secure Lending suite.  Take advantage of technology that is integrated with Fiserv loan origination, loan servicing and imaging solutions
  • Create unique document-specific fingerprints. Digital signatures allow lenders and servicers to check for document alterations and confirm document validity
  • Achieve additional liquidity. Deliver signed documents instantly to secondary market investors
  • Control documents at the closing ceremony. Shorten delivery commitments and decrease the number of loans that must be re-contracted due to errors
  • Adopt a phased paper-free vision that suits your business. This approach allows a cost-effective pace, incremental returns and minimal disruption to day-to-day business

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