LoanServ™ from Fiserv supports all retail loans and lines of credit on a single servicing platform. The solution provides comprehensive servicing with one workforce, one workflow, and one customer-centric approach, enabling lenders to consolidate loan servicing functions and create one debt service operation.


Aging technology, spread across disparate lending verticals, is driving up the cost of servicing. With LoanServ from Fiserv, you can service any type of retail loan without the limitations associated with batch processing, resulting in a better borrower experience and greater collaboration on an enterprise scale.

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Learn how borrowers prefer to receive communications and make payments.

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LoanServ is an online, real-time solution that consolidates back-office functions and provides integrated payment processing, collections, default management, cashiering, escrow and investor accounting for:

  • Mortgage loans
  • Home equity loans and lines of credit
  • Direct and indirect auto loans
  • Installment loans
  • Personal loans and lines of credit

Regional banks, large credit unions, start-up loan servicing operations, specialty servicers and sub-servicers have all deployed LoanServ in order to reduce disparate software, eliminate redundant processes and capitalize on new lending opportunities. Because LoanServ captures and stores account data in one place, servicers have a more holistic view of the borrower. This creates a more efficient servicing operation, controls the cost to service and reduces lending risk.

For instance, the system's Investor Accounting features give you greater control over your investor relationships. Both you and your investors can access real-time data about portfolio position and immediately see the impact of every borrower transaction. And LoanLink, a key LoanServ option, allows clients to quickly roll out self-service websites that pull account information directly from the LoanServ system in real time and enable consumers to access their accounts with 24x7 convenience.


The LoanServ single-system approach can help organizations reap the full benefits offered by an integrated solution:

  • Scalable, integrated loan management support for all mortgage and consumer loans reduces operating expenses, delivers a more consistent customer experience and eliminates processing redundancies
  • 24x7 accessibility supports servicing operations across multiple continents and time zones to support 24-hour customer care
  • All account information is housed in a central database, enabling you to instantly share loan data internally and with a borrower
  • Client-defined workflow automation lets you specify processes according to your business needs, configure system views and frequently used processes to provide greater management control, reduce training time and create a documented audit trail
  • Integrated default management allows your institution to manage risk across the entire lending relationship, from early intervention and loss mitigation; full integration with IntelliMods™ from CoreLogic® provides improved risk management and reduces your cost of service
  • Web services integrate all ancillary systems and applications so they work as one system. This prevents processing delays and lowers data management costs
  • The LoanServ solutions delivery team uses best practices and a variety of measurement strategies to migrate diverse portfolios efficiently and effectively

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