EasyLender Modules

The EasyLender® platform from Fiserv interfaces with a wide range of optional mortgage, consumer and business lending modules that enable two-way data exchange of loan and customer data.

Leverage your EasyLender software solution to maximize the speed, profitability and effectiveness of your lending business. Streamline and accelerate your lending processes with these fully integrated EasyLender modules:

EasyLender: EasyAccess

EasyAccess is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use online services solution that gives EasyLender users connectivity to a wide range of third-party vendors and services such as credit bureaus, flood services and service aggregators. Workflow guides you through transactions one step at a time, and flexible set-up options establish precise connection settings and user preferences.

EasyLender: EasyDisclosure

EasyDisclosure is a secure solution that streamlines the delivery and exchange of application and disclosure documents. Both lender and borrower can access, review or electronically sign documents via the Internet. EasyDisclosure also enables borrowers to print documents for ink signatures.

EasyLender: EasyClosing

EasyClosing is an easy-to-implement solution that distributes closing documents to borrowers, closing agents and other parties via a secure website.  EasyClosing supports multiple document types and document providers, treating each document separately and enabling you to assign viewing and printing privileges on a per-document basis.

EasyLender: EasyConnect

EasyConnect is a solution that retrieves loan application data from a variety of sources –including websites – and automatically imports it into EasyLender, giving real-time loan information to system users. EasyConnect lets you integrate your lending operations more effectively by eliminating duplicate data entries and boosting productivity.

EasyLender: EasyImage

EasyImage is an intuitive software interface that provides EasyLender users with the powerful electronic document imaging and storage capabilities of Nautilus® and Director® from Fiserv. EasyImage software saves time, reduces document-storage costs, accelerates the lending process and improves customer service.

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