Automotive Account Servicing Modules

The Automotive Account Servicing platform from Fiserv incorporates workflow modules that facilitate loan and lease servicing and eliminate the processing delays, reconciliation issues and duplicate data entry that occurs with batch feeds.

Automotive Account Servicing modules automate accounting and servicing transactions to support U.S. and Canadian auto lease and retail loan portfolios. These modules are fully integrated and provide real-time processing without the need to log in and out of multiple systems:

  • Customer Service Module: Allows customer service representatives to review up-to-the-minute account activity and history. Provides premium service through easy access to customer account data while efficiently recording, executing and tracking activities using lender-defined queues and parameters. 
  • Title Management Module: Avoids unsold vehicles at auction and delayed or denied residual value claims due to missing titles. Tracks and manages titles and helps lenders lower costs during the vehicle disposal process.
  • Collection Management Module: Manages bankruptcy, litigation and repossession processing with lender-defined workflow that helps ensure regulatory compliance. Prioritizes collections according to lender criteria, manages delinquent accounts, provides collectors with real-time data, and maximizes collections team effectiveness.  
  • Inventory Management Module: Enables complete control of your inventory and auction activity and automates all events through the final sale. Monitors, tracks and manages in-transit and grounded vehicles. Assists in setting floor price using book values. 
  • Recovery Management Module: Provides comprehensive information for both collections and accounting. Automates and tracks billing and collection of fees and remaining balances on end-of-term leases and other closed-out accounts. Manages accounts assigned to collection agencies. Provides details to perform profitability analysis.
  • End-of-Term Management Module: Helps manage account activity from initial customer contact through final account resolution, including refinances, term extensions and vehicle returns. Monitors leases and balloon notes as they near the end of term and moves each asset to the most profitable selling location.

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