Automotive Account Servicing

Automotive Account Servicing from Fiserv is a comprehensive, scalable financial accounting and servicing solution for managing all types of indirect auto loans and leases.


As the complexity of doing business has grown, so has the need to streamline business processes to manage the assets. Automotive Account Servicing from Fiserv helps make lifecycle loan management the center of your lending operation. By supporting diverse auto finance business models and proven scalability, the solution enables all financing options to be boarded and serviced quickly and efficiently.

Our technology has supported millions of auto loan and lease transactions for banks, captive finance companies and independent auto finance organizations across the U.S. and Canada. The Fiserv solution automates all servicing transactions through the LeaseMasterTM and LoanMasterTM accounting engines, and the VehicleLinQTM suite of modules for:

  • Customer service
  • Title management
  • Collection management
  • End-of-term management
  • Inventory management
  • Recovery management

The solution helps clients stay compliant with regulatory demands, keep current with industry trends, optimize portfolio management with proven best-practice management controls, and be responsive to customer needs.

Fiserv also offers numerous auto finance-related outsourced services. Our seasoned portfolio management professionals offer world-class consulting services, allowing you to focus on satisfying your customers and growing your business. The Fiserv team has deep knowledge of loan and lease servicing and provides a full line of services for the entire life of an automotive finance contract.


  • Automotive Account Servicing supports real-time loan and lease servicing, collections and reporting needs of any size organization, from start-ups to top-tier lenders
  • Transaction workflow and exception enforcement provide a clear framework to help manage risk for both prime and non-prime assets and enable consistent compliance with a lender's specific business processes
  • Automotive Account Servicing facilitates a lender's unique portfolio management requirements for general ledger reporting purposes, treating them as specific portfolios for securitization, reporting or servicing purposes
  • Full support for all contract types allows users to service nearly all types of auto loans or leases
  • User-defined parameters – including sales and property tax assessment and reporting unique to leasing – give maximum control to management and staff
  • Hosted, licensed and business process outsourcing options meet the delivery requirements of any size institution

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