DNA Expert Series

Gain Insights on Best Practices and Solutions for DNA®

Welcome to our DNA Expert Series, a collection of conversations around best practices and solutions in financial services account processing. Each episode tackles a unique challenge faced by DNA clients and offers solutions to improve processes, efficiency and overall performance.

Epsiode 4: Open Architecture and APIs  

Open Banking is considered by many to still be in its infancy. In this episode of the DNA Expert Series, Software Architect expert Manny Pelarinos discusses why we have just started to scratch the surface of realizing the full potential of open banking and harnessing the power of APIs.  

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Episode 3: DNA Upgrade Services

Running the latest version of DNA is critical to ensure your core system is running efficiently and is able to meet regulatory requirements. In this episode of the DNA Expert Series, account processing experts, Jerry Dice and Tom Vermette describe the importance of being current with system upgrades and share common challenges clients are likely to face if they chose to manage system upgrades themselves.

Episode 2: SQL, Oracle Database Management

Database performance impacts customer and member experiences, audit and compliance requirements and even business performance. In this episode, Jerry Dice addresses common database management challenges faced by financial institutions and how Fiserv can help you overcome them.

Episode 1: How to Improve Batch Management for DNA from Fiserv

Account processing expert Jerry Dice addresses the importance of batch processing and its impact on productivity. Based on his deep financial services experience, Jerry will explore best practices for batch management that can improve your business performance.



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