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Welcome to our DNA Expert Series, a collection of conversations around best practices and solutions in financial services account processing. Each episode provides unique insights from DNA experts to help you maximize the value of your technology investment.

Episode 14: Data Management Services

Businesses around the world are becoming increasingly reliant on data to operate their day-to-day operations and make educated decisions. Unlocking data’s value can result in tremendous opportunities for companies, which is why it is vital to have a well-defined data management plan in place. In this episode, we are joined by Navdeep Singh, Vice President and Head of Technology Solutions at Fiserv as he shares his perspectives on best practices for proper data management.


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Episode 13: Optimizing Your CRM Experience

Improving the accountholder experience continues to be a top priority for credit unions and banks alike. In addition to extending the capability of their digital channels, many organizations use CRM solutions, such as Salesforce, to transform their marketing, sales and service delivery to help provide a sustainable omnichannel experience. In this episode, we are joined by Divya Jain, Ashish Bhasin and Ashish Bhadang from the Systems Integration Solutions team at Fiserv as they share what they are seeing in the market, top client use cases and best practices.

Episode 12: iVue Analytics Solution

Leading-edge data management, reporting and analytics are critical to your financial institution’s continued success. iVue® from Fiserv is a comprehensive data warehouse and information management solution, hosted at a Fiserv data center. It integrates with the robust analytical and reporting tools of Business Analytics from Fiserv to create a powerful business intelligence framework. In this episode, Sandeep Digambar, Senior Product Manager at Fiserv, discusses the state of data analytics and the iVue analytics solution.


Episode 11: Robotic Process Automation

More CIOs are turning to robotic process automation (RPA) to streamline enterprise operations and reduce costs. With RPA, organizations can automate manual tasks, enabling staff to be redeployed onto other higher-value work. In this episode of the DNA Expert Series, Manish Pandey, Senior Director of Product and Strategy at Fiserv, discusses how banks and credit unions can automate repetitive tasks with RPA.


Episode 10: Merchant Services

When deciding a on merchant services solution, it’s important to consider a partner who can fully integrate the solution into your core processing platform to ensure you maximize the benefits of your technology investment. In this episode of the DNA Expert Series, Mike Rogers, Head of Partner Sales, Merchant Services at Fiserv,  discusses the benefits clients will realize by fully integrating their merchant services solution into DNA.

Episode 9: Merger Services

When a merger opportunity presents itself, it’s important to have a partner who can guide you through the complexities and streamline the process for converting the merged or acquired organizations to the DNA platform. In this episode of the DNA Expert Series, Stephanie Messina, Director of Client Implementations and Julie Szykowny, Senior Project Manager, at Fiserv discuss the various approaches to mergers and available resources to ensure the conversion services provided fit the needs of the client and size of the merger.


Episode 8: In-House to Data Center Services 

Staffing challenges, the overall complexity of technology and contingency planning are the types of issues that keep IT departments up at night. In this episode of the DNA Expert Series, Lori Tremonti, VP Implementations and Professional Services, and Paul Funicello, VP Infrastructure Engineering at Fiserv discuss how moving your DNA products from an in-house environment to a Fiserv data center can relieve these types of issues as well as the burdens of regulatory compliance and concerns about fraud and cybersecurity.

Episode 7: DNA Commercial Banking

DNA® from Fiserv is more than just a core account processing platform. It is a fully integrated front-to-back corporate banking solution. In this episode of the DNA Expert Series, Ken Katz, VP, Product Management describes the features benefits of DNA's commercial banking capabilities.

Episode 6: Remote Core Conversions

Faced with global travel restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fiserv adapted their remote implementation capabilities by transitioning a multiday core conversion to a completely remote event.

In this episode of the DNA Expert Series, Mohit Dhir, Director of Program Management and Darrell DeGlandon, Senior Project Manager describe how Fiserv leveraged thorough planning, collaboration and technology to change how core conversions are conducted.

Episode 5: User Acceptance Testing for DNA

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is important to conduct whenever you deploy new software. This is especially true for mission-critical core banking applications such as DNA. In this episode of the DNA Expert Series, Kishore Kamath, Vice President of Quality Assurance at Fiserv explains how automated services can enhance your UAT programs.

Episode 4: Open Architecture and APIs  

Open Banking is considered by many to still be in its infancy. In this episode of the DNA Expert Series, Software Architect expert Manny Pelarinos discusses why we have just started to scratch the surface of realizing the full potential of open banking and harnessing the power of APIs.  

Episode 3: DNA Upgrade Management

Keeping up with new releases is critical to ensuring your core system is running efficiently and meeting regulatory requirements. In this episode of the DNA Expert Series, account processing experts, Jerry Dice and Tom Vermette, discuss how to simplify your install, patch and release management processes.

Episode 2: SQL, Oracle Database Management

Optimal database performance is essential for operational efficiency and relationship management. In this episode, Jerry Dice describes how leveraging our expert database administrators and 24/7 monitoring can offer you a technology advantage.

Episode 1: How to Improve Batch Management for DNA from Fiserv

Account processing expert Jerry Dice addresses the importance of batch processing and its impact on productivity. Based on his deep financial services experience, Jerry will explore best practices for batch management that can improve your business performance.

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