WireXchange Wire Transfer Solution

With the demand for fast, secure wire transfers continuing to increase, financial institutions are looking to streamline their wire transfer systems to support future growth and global obligations. 

WireXchange® from Fiserv gives you an affordable option for increasing the efficiency and security of your wire transfer process so you can experience cost savings and increased productivity, find new revenue sources and gain competitive advantages.

WireXchange streamlines every step in the wire transfer process, enabling straight-through processing and a paperless transaction environment, which means you can handle a higher volume of wires more efficiently. With WireXchange you can reduce errors and eliminate redundant, manual steps in a single, secure system that integrates with your core banking solutions.

WireXchange makes wire transfers simple, secure and more efficient


increase in wire transfer activity, without added staff


decrease in time required for wire processing


cleaner audit reports and fewer OFAC errors

* Based on analysis of WireXchange user experiences.

Flexible, secure and easy to use, the web-based WireXchange solution provides a single entry point that triggers verification, OFAC screening, posting to the account processing system, delivery to the Federal Reserve and automated customer notifications. WireXchange is backed by built-in security features including customized authorization levels, dual controls and data encryption to protect the privacy of the wire transfer data. 

Our previous system was time consuming and burdensome on my staff because of the amount of paper tickets they had to write. The automation with WireXchange made our process a lot easier.

– Maru Gonzalez, Vice President of Operations, Falcon International Bank



International wire transfers

For international FX wire transfers, WireXchange: FX from Fiserv offers the same benefits of WireXchange for managing global transactions.


A wire transfer solution you can rely on



Streamlines every step in the wire transfer process

Ensures security and confidentiality of financial information

Reduces errors and redundant manual steps


Adapts to your unique environment and business needs

Helps you meet regulatory requirements

Offers an easy-to-use interface reduces training and setup time


WireXchange works with you, for you

Real-time integration with multiple core processing systems and corporate treasury applications, including:

  • Real-time OFAC and fraud prevention screening
  • Real-time foreign exchange services for international SWIFT wires
  • Integration with global and domestic payment directories from Accuity and the Federal Reserve
  • Automated batch integration with AML Risk Manager from Fiserv and other BSA/AML applications
  • Automated batch integration with Weiland for monthly account analysis




Fiserv is a certified vendor of FedLine Direct. WireXchange is audited by the FFIEC, FDIC, OCC, NCUA and the Federal Reserve.

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