Mobile Source Capture

Given the popularity of smartphones, mobile deposits have emerged as an essential product for financial institutions to offer. Mobile Source Capture™ from Fiserv provides your customers and members the ultimate convenience in making a remote deposit.


Through a downloadable application, Mobile Source Capture turns a smartphone into a deposit-making device. The depositor uses the phone's camera to snap a picture of the front and back of each check, then submits the images electronically to your financial institution. This enables customers to deposit checks remotely on their mobile device as they are received, reducing the risk of loss or theft and improving cash flow.

Once your financial institution receives the check image, it is ready to be processed, cleared, settled and posted. Mobile remote deposit capture includes fraud prevention features, such as duplicate detection and codeline validation. The image quality assurance features ensure that check images are acceptable. If a mobile deposit is rejected, the user is notified immediately and given the reason for the rejection.

Mobile Source Capture can increase the value proposition of your current mobile banking services, positioning your financial institution to gain market share. And along with other Source Capture Solutions® products, you can use Mobile Source Capture as another avenue for increasing deposits.


  • Offer ultimate convenience: Customers or members with smartphones can make mobile deposits anywhere, anytime and have faster funds availability
  • Confirm valid deposits: Users are notified immediately of valid deposits, while poor images and duplicate deposit attempts are quickly rejected
  • Enhance your mobile banking: This solution complements and expands your financial institution's current mobile banking services

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