Float Management Solutions

Float Management Solutions from Fiserv can help banks model, predict and react optimally to change in float for maximum bank profitability.

As financial institutions increase the volume of electronically cleared checks, they require fewer float staff resources. The movement of paper required analysis of certain transportation and processing steps that have been eliminated in an electronic environment. But as the number and quality of float resources decline, a key question concerns bank profitability: How can a bank continue to optimize what remains a significant cost base?

Learning to model, predict and react optimally to changes in float can ultimately have a significant impact on the bottom line. For many banks, improving float profitability remains a powerful but underutilized tactic for revenue enhancement.


Our Solution

Fiserv has a long history of helping banks improve their deposit services profitability. With the industry's leading software products and a talented team of consultants, Fiserv can help you navigate not only the challenging regulatory and interest rate environment, but also the transformation of float management in today's increasingly electronic world. We offer a variety of Float Management Solutions, including:

  • Float management support services: Our expert advisors analyze your institution's transactions and identify opportunities to reduce check-clearing expenses
  • Float management strategic services: Our expert advisors will help you complete strategic business analysis related to float management, including payment processing, deposit pricing and operational planning. Our services include float management analysis, workflow design and implementation management, market segmentation and product management support, and non-earning asset management
  • Float profitability modeling: Our tools forecast your deposit profitability more accurately so you can reduce uncertainty across your financials
  • Float pricing solutions: Our tools help bank float and product managers accurately measure funds availability at both the bank and customer levels



Float Management Solutions from Fiserv can help financial institutions accurately predict how float will affect the business in both short- and long-term conditions, and develop a strategy to optimize their reactions and maximize profitability.

With our solutions, you can:

  • Accurately predict float changes and profit margins by customer segment
  • Compare customer deposit samples against availability and pricing schedules
  • Predict how the reassignment of customers impacts deposit product profitability
  • Determine pricing strategies by segment, source or product
  • Develop availability schedules based on your pricing objectives
  • Manage multiple deposit and clearing channels
  • Monitor your institution's profitability of float and pricing through extensive reporting

Our experts can help you:

  • Optimize electronic and paper check collection patterns
  • Quantify the costs of alternative processing scenarios, remote capture and new offerings
  • Analyze pricing options, availability schedules and depositor profitability
  • Analyze potential operational changes

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