Dovetail Payments Platform

Dovetail Payments Platform from Fiserv, a single, centralized platform for all payment types and clearing schemes, helps financial institutions of all sizes, worldwide, simplify their payments infrastructure and build a resilient foundation for effective digital transformation.


Dovetail Payments Platform offers an out-of-the box, open architecture payments solution that delivers centralized, streamlined processing for any payment type and clearing scheme – no matter where you are or what services you provide to consumers. High value or low value, global or domestic, ACH, wire, or instant – such as SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) and The Clearing House (TCH) real-time payments or TARGET instant payment settlement (TIPS)  – we can handle it.

Dovetail Payments Platform can be delivered on your infrastructure or ours, is scalable up and down across functional and volume needs, and offers unrivalled customer and segment personalization. The choice of solution provides the flexibility for you to set the pace of your modernization, addressing point needs or replacing multiple legacy systems.

The solution can be easily integrated into upstream and downstream applications, such as fraud and AML, giving you complete end-to-end control of your payments flow. And our simple, client configuration approach means you can implement the platform in months, not years.


  • A single, open, real-time payments architecture that underpins all our solutions and services – enabling you to grow and transform your payments approach
  • Reduce manual intervention and increase STP with streamlined workflow processing, clearing and settlement for all payment types and clearing schemes
  • Out-of-the-box on day one, we offer managed configuration on a world-class feature set, leading to implementation success in months, not years
  • Build new and differentiated products and services for clients through our suite of rich APIs
  • Better understand, control and audit the flow of payments across customer and bank channels by integrating with fraud, compliance and other upstream and downstream applications
  • Rely on the extensive experience gained through implementing payments transformation projects for banks of all sizes, including the world's largest and most complex

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