Dovetail Liquidity Management

Dovetail Liquidity Management from Fiserv helps financial institutions understand liquidity across all currencies, legal entities and clearing relationships in real time. Financial institutions can better monitor and manage risk exposure and funding positions, and optimize cash flows anytime, anywhere.


A single, integrated view of financial liquidity across systems, customers and counterparties is important in generating cash savings and offering operational benefits to you and your corporate customers.

Dovetail Liquidity Management offers intraday, end-of-day and long-term monitoring, management and reporting of liquidity. It consolidates all relevant transaction data from internal and external applications up and down the payments flow and presents a holistic view of your liquidity at any point in time. It also provides deeper reporting, investigations and forecasting capabilities to help you predict cash movements and future growth opportunities.

Dovetail Liquidity Management captures, sorts and interprets high volumes of transaction data in real time, allowing you to make profitable decisions on how, where and when to move your and your customers' money.


  • Your treasurers have real-time visibility into intraday and end-of-day conditions, liquidity forecasts across all currencies, legal entities, and direct and indirect clearing relationships
  • Operations groups acquire insight into unexpected cash movements, the status of key transactions, and on-demand reporting and cash flow investigation support
  • Correspondent service providers better serve customers based on a deeper understanding of their behavior
  • Compliance and risk officers have the peace of mind to conduct regulatory compliance without crowding out the innovation budget

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