Dovetail Instant Payments

Dovetail Instant Payments from Fiserv delivers high-performance, 24/7 real-time payment processing across any instant clearing mechanism – without the need to replace or rebuild any existing payments infrastructure.


Dovetail Instant Payments enables you to offer fast and reliable instant payments connectivity and processing. Whether the requirement is an SCT Inst-compliant scheme such as EBA RT1, STET or TIPS; or an ISO8583 scheme such as U.K. Faster Payments, we offer an extensible, open architecture solution you can implement in months, not years.

We help you streamline payments management, monitoring and decision-making, and support the development of new digital payments products and micro-services for both retail and corporate clients.


An Advance Solution to Process Real-Time Payments for The Clearing House

Dovetail Instant Payments is an advanced solution for financial institutions seeking to process TCH real-time payments, allowing consumers to send and receive payments instantly. 

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Dovetail Instant Payments offers:

  • Support for domestic and regional real-time clearing and settlement schemes across the world
  • An open, real-time payments architecture that enables you to both provide a real-time solution to address an immediate challenge and to grow and transform your payments capabilities in line with your business needs, including coverage of all payment types
  • A rich set of application services on which you can quickly build new digital payments products for clients
  • Easy integration for fraud, compliance and other upstream and downstream applications, allowing you to better understand, control and audit the flow of payments across customer and bank channels
  • An out-of-the-box solution with a configurable world-class feature set

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