Dovetail Instant Payments

Dovetail Instant Payments from Fiserv delivers high-performance, 24/7 real-time payment processing across any instant clearing mechanism – without the need to replace or rebuild any existing payments infrastructure.


Dovetail Instant Payments enables you to offer fast and reliable real-time payments connectivity and processing. Whether the requirement is an SCT Inst-compliant scheme such as EBA RT1, STET or TIPS; TCH RTP in the U.S.; or an ISO8583 scheme such as U.K. Faster Payments, we offer an extensible, open architecture solution you can implement in months, not years.

We help you streamline payments management, monitoring and decision-making, and support the development of new digital payments products and micro-services for both retail and corporate clients.


Dovetail Instant Payments offers:

  • Support for domestic and regional real-time clearing and settlement schemes across the world
  • An open, real-time payments architecture that enables you to both provide a real-time solution to address an immediate challenge and to grow and transform your payments capabilities in line with your business needs, including coverage of all payment types
  • A rich set of application services on which you can quickly build new digital payments products for clients
  • Easy integration for fraud, compliance and other upstream and downstream applications, allowing you to better understand, control and audit the flow of payments across customer and bank channels
  • An out-of-the-box solution with a configurable world-class feature set

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