Enterprise Payments: RTP

Real-Time Payments Processing For U.S. Financial Institutions

The case for financial institutions of all sizes to build their strategy around faster payments is more important than ever, and with the RTP® Network from The Clearing House, RTP transactions are truly real time.  However, many new traditional  and non-traditional players have entered the market and are competing for market share.

Enterprise Payments: RTP® from Fiserv delivers high performance, real-time payments processing for RTP, enabling U.S. financial institutions to offer 24/7/365 payments with immediate funds availability and payment certainty, providing your customers with a reliable way to send and receive payments instantly, right from their accounts

The award-winning Enterprise Payments: RTP solution is designed to streamline payments management, monitoring and decision making, and support the development of new digital payments products and micro-services for both retail and corporate clients. It's an extensible, open architecture solution you can implement in months, not years.

Payments at the Speed of Life®

Offers a highly configurable, ISO 20022-compliant, and supporting the full range of RTP messaging capabilities

Allows more information to be sent with payment transactions, including billing information and extensive remittance detail

Increases the speed, security and efficiency of every transaction

Enables personalized service offerings by building custom products based on the attributes of a transaction

Real-time Capabilities for Your Payments Infrastructure

Drive Performance

Optimized processing workflow and solution configuration meets strict processing SLA for a received transaction.

Connect Channels

Simplify channel integration with out-of-the-box APIs and easily configure workflows specific to payment channels, products and even individual accounts to provide personalized digital experiences.

Reduce Risk

Full integration with a real-time fraud application stops or rejects payments before they pose a risk to your operations while providing comprehensive data to improve regulatory reporting.

Control Transactions

On-demand and continuous filters and account settings allow you to control and manage the types of transactions and payments accountholders can send/receive.

Enterprise Payments: RTP

Learn more about how Enterprise Payments: RTP delivers high performance, real-time payments processing for the RTP® nework from The Clearing House (TCH).


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