Financial Messaging Using SWIFT

Financial institutions often struggle to keep up with the evolving needs of their international customers, and direct connections to SWIFT aren't cost-effective without a substantial volume of international transactions. Financial Messaging from Fiserv offers an affordable solution, enabling you to broaden your service offerings to your international customers. 

Regional and large community banks often can’t justify the cost of a direct connection to the SWIFT network. However, you can provide SWIFT services to customers with international banking needs through Financial Messaging, a fully managed low-cost, high-speed SWIFT messaging service with 24/7 support. Unlike other SWIFT processing services, Financial Messaging offers deeper integration and advanced messaging capabilities.


SWIFT accessibility that’s affordable and secure

More control over technical and operational risks associated with in-house SWIFT processing

Message validation and approval handled via secure, auditable workflow, using built-in SWIFT standards

Encrypted and protected by two‑way authenticated transport layer security sessions


Certified and audited by SWIFT to meet all connectivity, availability, change request and security requirements


How Financial Messaging Works

  • Delivers a high throughput and scalable SWIFT messaging hub that can route SWIFT messages to any applications based on bank identifier code and message context
  • Leverages centralized services such as SWIFT for Office of Foreign Assets Control, Know Your Customer and payment formatting for all messages not flowing through Fiserv solutions
  • Provides customer access to SWIFT network for administration and exception processing
  • Offers redundant circuits and diversity of carriers to Fiserv primary and disaster recovery data centers


Financial Messaging seamlessly integrates with Enterprise Payments Platform from Fiserv and provides integration support for any back-office processes requiring SWIFT messaging.

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Five Reasons to Choose Financial Messaging From Fiserv

Financial Messaging from Fiserv broadens the ability of financial institutions to support their customers' international banking needs with affordable messaging and integration capabilities not typically available.

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