Enterprise Payments Platform for Asia-Pacific

Across developed and developing markets in Asia-Pacific, Enterprise Payments Platform from Fiserv enables financial institutions to meet the payments and liquidity management needs of increasingly sophisticated, wealthy and digitally native consumers and corporate customers.


The convergence of finance and technology is creating a competitive market environment across Asia, where non-banking players and international financial institutions compete with you for revenue. You need a payments strategy that supports mobile and online transactions, instant payments and cash management services, and meets the high demands of digitally inclusive customers.

Enterprise Payments Platform from Fiserv offers intelligent, automated payments processing across all payment types and clearing schemes – including high-value, low-value, SWIFT or instant, BAHTNET, G3, RENTAS, and more. Our solutions are configured easily and implemented quickly to keep you competitive and customer focused.

These solutions can be offered on premises or hosted. They can be delivered as plug-in enhancements to existing legacy technology or as a complete modern payments platform. We support nearly 60 clearing schemes, including nine in real time, and can extend out to new ones as required. Our open architecture allows us to integrate to any upstream or downstream applications, from account processing and FX checking to fraud and AML.

Enterprise Payments Platform can help you move your money and your clients' money securely and profitably, at a speed and around a payments strategy that suits you.


  • A single, extensible payments platform for domestic and regional clearings, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand
  • Implementation in months, not years. Manage client configuration on a world-class feature set
  • Quickly create new digital, online and mobile services and products for customers. Our suite of open APIs allow you to quickly find new ways to service consumers and corporates
  • A solution set that can grow and adapt as you do. Our open, real-time payments architecture allows you to add clearings and refine workflows as you develop your payments strategy

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