Digital Payments SDK: API-Based ACH and Card Payment Processing



Payment options that keep up with the "speed of life" economy

The ways customers want to make digital payments are evolving. They want more choices, more convenience and more security. And businesses want flexible payment options that reduce costs. Digital Payments SDK from Fiserv allows businesses to create safe, cost effective and enjoyable payment experiences that attract new customers and keeps existing customers happy and loyal.

Our API-based processing makes it easy for businesses to accept consumers' ACH or card payments through any digital channel. This gives customers more payment options and lets businesses accept more payments in more ways – while reducing costs.


Consumers want to pay with online e-checks Consumers want to pay with online e-checks


Accepting digital payments is
easier than you think

Whether you're an online business or a software solution provider that offers payment capabilities, you can leverage Digital Payments SDK to collect one-time and subscription-based payments from customers or end users. The SDK allows you to easily process payments within your existing branded user experience, while at the same time offering multiple payment methods.

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Speed and Flexibility

Our experience as a debit card processor lets us offer faster-clearing payments with options for next-day and same-day delivery. We also support recurring payments, such as subscription and membership fees.


Use our flexible VerifyNow™ capabilities to easily configure the risk tools that matter to you, including several account verification and identity verification tools.



As one of the top payment processors, Fiserv can offer volume rates on transactions. That means lower fees and more savings for you.

Peace of Mind

Our reputation is built on moving money safely and reliably for some of the country's top banks, so you can rest easy knowing your money is in good hands.  


Working with Fiserv also means
benefitting from our vast payments expertise


Last year alone,
we moved more than
$75 trillion
in digital payments

Millions of financial institutions
and businesses across the world
trust Fiserv to move money
safely and efficiently


Everything you need to get up and running with our API

Create a custom user experience tailored to your target market and customers using our API-based solution. Implementation is easy, thanks to a robust set of developer tools that include one-time and subscription payment APIs, drop-in UI widgets and a sandbox environment for testing. We also integrate account validation and identity verification APIs for custom fraud mitigation. Finally, we have webhooks for real-time event streaming and reporting tools.

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One solution for your payment needs

 Easy integration. REST APIs, UI widgets and SDKs quickly connect clients to the NOW® Network from Fiserv and beyond

 Low cost. Our processing solutions are priced to be very competitive compared to card-based solutions, while capable of high-volume processing on the Fiserv network

 Drive adoption. Fiserv provides marketing tools and the latest consumer insights to help you better manage and connect with your clients

 Speed of payment. The Fiserv network delivers next-day settlement plus a roadmap to real-time settlement providing the fastest posting in the market

 Industry-leading risk and fraud protection. Reduce losses from fraud and leverage bank-grade account verification and identification tools including VerifyNow

 Biller bundle. Allows your company to be added to the Fiserv directory of billers, which is easily searchable by consumers who want to pay you through their financial institution

 PINless Debit. When a customer pays via debit card, Fiserv can determine if the transaction qualifies for PINless Debit. Qualifying transactions are eligible for lower processing fees, leading to significant savings

 Money movement experts. Fiserv manages more than 30 billion digital payment transactions and moves more than $75 trillion annually, leading the financial services industry in account processing, mobile/online banking and electronic bill payments  

Risk Management

Every transaction is evaluated by our risk engine, which includes OFAC and AML checks, before funds are made available. On top of that, we can provide additional services, such as account verification for ACH and identify verification for credit.

Your customer initiates a payment

Fiserv analyzes the transaction profile, taking rules-based filters, geolocation, and device identification number and account

The transaction profile is validated.  Fiserv assigns a proprietary risk score to the transaction

Suspicious profiles are changed before being allowed to proceed 

The transaction is approved

Funds are made available 

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