Digital Disbursements

The process of sending payments to your customers or business partners can be paper-intensive and time-consuming. Digital Disbursements from Fiserv gives you an efficient digital solution for sending customer payments quickly and securely.



Most financial institutions, businesses and government entities need to send payments, such as auto loan funding, insurance claims, refunds and rebates, to their customers, clients or business partners.


More than 3.5 billion
B2C payments are made every year

$10.7 trillion
   B2C payments volume
moved last year

Source: Aite Group and Ingo Money survey of 2,538 U.S. consumers in Q2 2018

But checks are expensive

The average cost of processing a check is $5.91

Plus, checks are magnets for fraudulent activity

Source: Association for Financial Professionals, 2015

Consumers aren't big fans of checks either

Of consumers have lost money because they forgot to cash or deposit a check

Of customers prefer digital payments because they receive money faster

Of millenials prefer digital B2C payments over checks

For B2C Payments, the Path Forward Is Digital

Switching to digital B2C payments benefits a wide variety of industries and use cases, including


Insurance claim payments

Merchant rebates/refunds

Payment to sellers in online marketplaces

Payment to freelancers and gig workers

We asked businesses to tell us what features they value most in a digital B2C payments solution


Flexibility in digital payment options

Ease of implementation

Send funds to an email address or phone number

Source: Fiserv Financial Institution Poll, September 2017

Now, Going Digital Is Easier Than Ever

Digital Disbursements from Fiserv streamlines and digitizes the B2C payments process. 

Digital Disbursements enables you to send mass payouts via a simple, secure process that needs only basic information from payees. And, payments can be settled into recipient accounts in minutes instead of days.

How? The organization follows established business processes for approving payments, and when payments are ready to be sent, the organization uses an application programming interface (API) to send them. You choose the payment timing, delivery speed and send method; Fiserv manages the payment process.

Digital Disbursements gives you the flexibility to send payments in multiple ways. You choose how to send the payment based on the information you have on your customer and your preferences. You can also send your payees to a secure payee portal site where they can easily provide account information and collect their funds using their preferred payment method.

Payment delivery options include

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Choose what's right for your business and your customers

For more information, listen to "Fiserv Goes Direct With Disbursements" podcast, read the latest blog, A better Way to Pay Consumers: Making the Move to Digital Disbursements or watch the video to learn more about Digital Disbursements.


Digital Disbursements Offers Numerous Benefits

Working with Fiserv also means benefitting from our vast payments expertise

Last year alone, we moved more than
$75 trillion
in digital payments

financial institutions and businesses across the world trust Fiserv to move money safely and efficiently

Create the B2C Payments Experience Your Business Needs - and Your Customers Expect - With Digital Disbursements


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