Bringing Financial Services Expertise to Businesses Like Yours

Innovation in money movement and the push toward digital experiences are changing the way companies operate. Whether accepting payments online or sending mass payments electronically, businesses are looking for fast, secure and easy ways to keep up with consumer expectations.

Money moves electronically in every direction, and new business types and payment companies pop up daily. Customer adoption depends on frictionless and secure payment options, making for unparalleled opportunities for companies that make or accept payments.

Fiserv leads the transformation of financial services technology to help our clients grow their businesses and increase profitability, while changing the way you deliver financial services to customers. Innovation and security are at the heart of what we do; we are the leader in moving money.

  • We move more than $75 trillion a year for thousands of financial institutions, billers, consumers and businesses around the world
  • More than 25 million people pay their bills electronically through Fiserv
  • We process and deliver more than 30 billion digital payment transactions annually

Fiserv provides technologies, platforms, applications

and more for the industry. What makes us different? We're the one source for your digital payments approach and have been a technology partner to thousands of clients since 1984.

Learn more about accepting digital payments and about sending digital disbursements.

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