Teller Deposits

Customers appreciate quick, efficient service. Teller Deposits from Fiserv helps tellers shorten the transaction time while delivering thorough customer service.


Teller Deposits enables real-time balancing of deposits at the teller line while the customer is present. Each transaction is memoposted in the system, speeding the availability of funds to your customers, who leave with a real-time deposit receipt in hand.

This solution fully integrates with your existing teller system. It eliminates manual proofing and encoding, giving tellers more time to interact with your customers. Teller Deposits also minimizes exceptions, which reduces the time and costs for research and adjustments.

Using Teller Deposits, your organization can lower courier costs and back-office expenses, improve fraud detection, minimize deposit errors and extend hours for the deposit window, enhancing customer service and retention. And by combining Teller Deposits with Branch Deposits from Fiserv, your branch operations can achieve maximum efficiency.


  • Give customers fast service: Deposits are memoposted in the system at the time of transaction, enabling faster funds availability
  • Lower operating costs: Reduce courier fees, and the time and costs associated with research and adjustments in the back office
  • Free tellers from time-consuming tasks: Manual data entry is minimized as checks are captured, validated and endorsed automatically
  • Fully integrate with other solutions: Teller Deposits works seamlessly with other remote deposit capture solutions to detect duplicate deposits, and integrates with your current teller system

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