Financial institutions face a difficult balancing act when setting overdraft limits: weighing strict regulatory guidelines and the risk of principal write-offs against customer demand for an overdraft service. SmarterPay from Fiserv can accurately assess risk while also setting defensible limits.

Our Solution

SmarterPay is a deposit analytics solution that helps you assess and manage risk at the account level to facilitate responsible overdraft limit-setting practices, while enabling other valuable functionality such as monitoring, account management and in-depth reporting. The solution uses a patented, risk-scoring methodology, which predicts a customer's probability of charge-off, as well as transactional information to calculate an account's capacity to repay. This ensures that both risk and affordability factor into these deposit-based risk assessment decisions, similar to how other credit products are underwritten.

The largest financial institutions in America use SmarterPay. It processes more than 50 million deposit accounts and analyzes hundreds of millions of transactions every night. No other solution provider in the industry can match our industry experience, analytical capabilities and processing capacity.

Choose SmarterPay to:

  • Develop deposit-based risk decisions using a patented risk-scoring methodology
  • Balance regulatory compliance and risk through a daily account-level calculation
  • Predict the trends that lead to charge-off with your customer accounts and enable you to take action
  • Monitor excessive overdrafts and performance with in-depth daily reporting
  • Adopt a responsible approach to setting overdraft limits without compromising customer service

SmarterPay can be provided via ASP or licensed to your institution for on-premises or hosted deployments. The solution integrates with numerous core processing solutions, including those from Fiserv, Fidelity, Jack Henry, Hogan and others.

With SmarterPay, you can achieve the optimal balance between service, principal loss and customer retention while meeting regulatory guidelines.


  • Regulatory compliance: SmarterPay enables defensible overdraft limit assignments and excessive overdraft monitoring and shut-off capabilities to meet the compliance expectations of these regulators
  • Robust reporting: Offering powerful reporting capabilities and consultative support, SmarterPay enables you to monitor excessive overdrafts, charge-offs and performance anomalies, including account-level analysis
  • Program flexibility: With SmarterPay, you can configure rules and parameters that enable differentiated treatment down to the product and account levels, including new account strategies, minimum and maximum limit ranges, and differential limits by delivery channel
  • Complementary modules: SmarterPay is built on a broader data management and analytics infrastructure which enables several other key deposit account use cases. These include managing refund amounts (Refund Advisor), monitoring and remediating accounts with excessive overdraft activity (XOD), industry benchmarking (RPM), and differentiated channel risk strategies (ILM)

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