DadePay AR Automation

Add AI to your accounts receivables processes to eliminate manual invoice matching and the delays associated with it. DadePay AR Automation, offered by Fiserv through a partnership with Dade Systems, provides straight-through payment receivable processing to lower cost and improve efficiency.


With DadePay AR Automation, financial institutions can offer their business customers a way to lower total accounts receivable costs and improve accuracy. Payments can be posted faster and more accurately for improved cash flow. And automated payment matching offers significant labor savings so businesses can lower staffing costs. 


Using artificial intelligence driven by proprietary algorithms, the payment-to-invoice matching rates of DadePay AR Automation are among the highest in the industry.

DadePay AR Automation provides:

  • A new revenue stream
  • Efficient receivables processing for customers
  • Outsourced setup and support to minimize internal cost and time
  • Ability to brand as appropriate for the financial institution


Features of DadePay AR Automation include: 

  • Hosts software as a service (SaaS) solution that can be deployed quickly
  • Works with any existing payment process or accounts receivable system
  • Automatic loading and posting based on a customer-defined schedule
  • Real-time mobile payment collection 
  • Quick, single-click resolution for easy exceptions handling
  • Enterprise user and role management for easy setup and support

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