Branch Deposits

Branch Deposits from Fiserv streamlines check processing and reduces operating costs. Its web-based features are customizable to meet your particular processing needs.


With Branch Deposits, an invoice matching and validation software, you have the option, based on your transaction volume, to determine when deposits are scanned, stored and transmitted to your central operations or data center.

Fiserv provides four ways to implement Branch Deposits:

  • Capture only: Basic batch capture with image quality analysis and rescan support
  • Capture and correct: Capture a batch and address image quality problems
  • Capture, correct and balance: Capture the batch and address image quality problems, with balancing performed at the batch or deposit level
  • Image only: Image capture for archival purposes

These functions can be performed in-house or processed in an outsourced environment. No matter how you want to deploy capture technologies today, Fiserv offers the flexibility to support your current back-office workflow and the scalability to grow with your overall deposit capture strategy.


  • Reduce errors: Minimize potential check handling and posting errors
  • Lower operating costs: Eliminate courier fees and speed up processing time
  • Enrich the customer experience: Give your customers extended branch hours in which to bank and faster access to their funds
  • Better manage human resources: Spread check processing tasks throughout the day to avoid staffing and deadline challenges at peak times

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