Deposit Line

Rising demand for quick access to cash and limited access to traditional bank credit products have led many consumers to turn to nontraditional lenders for their short-term, small-dollar lending needs. By addressing the needs of these consumers, financial institutions can gain long-term accountholders and create a reliable noninterest, controlled-risk revenue stream.

In the past, regulatory guidance made it prohibitive for financial institutions to offer small-dollar lending. New guidance now encourages financial institutions to offer small-dollar lending solutions, which can increase their wallet share, improve customer satisfaction and position organizations as leaders in consumer-focused, next-generation financial solutions. And consumers are looking for these cash flow options today.


The Growing Consumer Need for Small-Dollar Liquidity


of consumers need short-term funds annually

turn to nonbank providers

$30 billion
is spent annually in the U.S. to borrow small amounts from lenders outside of the banking system*

* Sources: Consumer spending survey sponsored by Fiserv and administered by SourceMedia research (American Banker), Nov. 2017; Standards Needed for Small Installment Loans From Banks, Credit Unions, Pew Charitable Trust, Feb. 2018


Our deposit-based, small-dollar lending solution, Deposit Line from Fiserv enables you to offer deposit advance programs to your eligible accountholders who might not usually qualify for traditional credit.

Designed for your accountholders who need to bridge their liquidity needs fast and conveniently – without the financial constraints of discretionary overdraft services or the use of nonbank entities, Deposit Line is an end-to-end lending solution that manages your cash-strapped accountholders' needs from underwriting to administration.


Deposit Line drives new revenue opportunities with liquidity options your accountholders are demanding



Quick to Market

Deliver new services fast to respond to depositor needs and directly integration to your core deposit systems, with few resources and development required at the institution level.



Easy Access

Accountholders securely connect via mobile app or online banking to a bank-branded Fiserv site for advances, payments and account management, in real time with immediate response. 



Mitigate the Risks

Deposit Line allows you to leverage our proven behavioral algorithm, based on the SmarterPay® from Fiserv platform and driven by account history, to determine real-time eligibility and suggested fund availability.



Proven Results

Prior to the current regulations, Fiserv led the market in small-dollar lending solutions, so we have the knowledge and support your financial institution needs to successfully offer these solutions today.




Comprehensive, customizable loan servicing options, without the need for direct bank intervention, in a secure framework designed to satisfy regulatory concerns while meeting your institution’s specific requirements and business rules.



Better Experience

Provides liquidity relief for a longer period than typical overdraft solutions and more manageable options for cash flow, improving overall customer satisfaction.



Revenue and Retention

Gives you more noninterest income opportunities, versus relying only on unpredictable interest products or losing accountholders to third-party lenders.


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