Dispute Expert

The dispute experience doesn't have to be problematic. Automated tasks and streamlined processes help bring efficiency and consistency to the dispute experience – making things easier for you and your cardholders.

Discover Dispute ExpertSM from Fiserv – a complete dispute management solution that delivers flexibility, control, consistency and advanced reporting throughout the case lifecycle on a single, integrated platform. By bringing together highly trained people, best-in-class processes and industry-leading tools we’ve created a dispute ecosystem that delivers a complete experience for financial institutions of any size. 

Simplified, self-service interface, intuitive automation

Efficient claims resolution, elevated cardholder satisfaction

Integrated workflow, robust operational controls


Dispute Expert elevates the traditional dispute experience.  Built on structured and automated workflows, Dispute Expert ensures cases are processed quickly and accurately. The solution offers an advanced user interface, preeminent operational controls, enhanced reporting and increased integration capabilities.

In an ever-evolving world of financial technology, this new platform allows you to:

  • Increase operating efficiencies via an end-to-end fully integrated platform
  • Reduce errors and improve productivity through automation and standardization of simplified process workflows
  • Enhance the servicing experience with self-service capabilities and a 360-degree case view
  • Improve cardholder engagement by managing cases efficiently and consistently
  • Rapidly respond to changing market conditions, cardholder demand and network requirements with a flexible platform
  • Utilize network timers, provisional crediting and financial institution-branded letter templates
  • Enable integration to your in-house dispute applications and platforms

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Our focus is to ensure Dispute Expert delivers a reliable, efficient, and consistent experience for you and your cardholders. Whether you need complete state-of-the-art case management or self-service access to the solution toolkit, Fiserv offers three levels of support to meet your needs.

Dispute Expert Select
Our most comprehensive level of service offered and including end-to-end servicing of a dispute from cardholder intake to resolution.

Dispute Expert
Keeps the cardholder interaction in your hands with a seamless hand-off to Fiserv for dispute decisions and network management.

Dispute Expert Toolkit
Provides access to the robust tools for self-service management by your own dispute team.

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