Client Test Environment

Client Test Environment from Fiserv supports your unique card business needs by enabling you to post and test transactions, create reports, assess cycle reconciliation and perform remote card maintenance using Fiserv production software systems.


Fiserv offers clients access to the same testing environment and tools used to deliver our card solutions. With Client Test Environment from Fiserv, you can take advantage of these capabilities to test new services or features for your card programs:

  • Securely connect authorization traffic between Fiserv and your host
  • Use simulators to generate network transactions supporting a variety of formats
  • Validate transaction routing and pre-authorizations for stand-in purposes
  • Enhance end-to-end processing integrity for multi-vendor solutions
  • Test new ideas, configurations and strategies before "going live"
  • Connect your own external ATM(s)
  • Receive optional support for your test tools

In addition to online testing, back-office processing and report distribution, Client Test Environment can be used to support additional processing requirements, including:

  • Client unique processing rules originating with in-house processing
  • Readiness for new equipment connectivity
  • Client disaster recovery tests to ensure Fiserv is connected to the client's hot site
  • Scaled stress and performance testing (with limited volume)
  • Support requirements from vendors and service providers for new releases
  • Internal staff training from a controlled environment


Testing flexibility: Client Test Environment is a production environment and the majority of normal production functionality is available. Fiserv will assess and document client test requirements, configure the initial test system, operate the test environment and troubleshoot exceptions. You provide your test data and Fiserv will load it into Client Test Environment. Once the requested test environment has been established, your institution can have up to 10 users testing simultaneously. Testing can take place in hourly segments or via subscription to a monthly flat rate. Client Test Environment gives you the flexibility to test with or without the assistance of a Fiserv analyst

  • Attended testing: Analysts are available to assist you during your regular business hours Monday – Friday
  • Unattended testing: Clients are free to test on their own schedules, including weekends, once their environments are established

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