Today's consumers want options that help them take control of their financial lives on the go. CardValet® from Fiserv is a mobile app that allows financial institutions to deliver the experiences consumers expect by enabling them to define when, where and how their cards are used.

Turn your cards on or off, in an instant, for any reason

Control transactions by category or by dollar amounts

Easily set, customize and modify purchase alerts


CardValet is available as:

  • A branded app that can be integrated via single sign-on with your mobile banking platform giving cardholders a seamless banking experience
  • A standalone CardValet app branded by your financial institution with your name or icon
  • An API you can use to create your own cardholder experiences (debit only)

Whichever configuration you choose, CardValet complements your mobile banking strategy by enabling your cardholders to conduct card-related mobile transactions wherever they are, any time of day.

CardValet sends real-time alerts for PIN and signature transactions performed with debit and credit cards, enabling cardholders to manage, track and report specific types of usage and quickly detect unauthorized activity. Cardholders can customize their experiences by setting alert and control preferences using a variety of options to customize their experiences.

CardValet is available in the Apple® and Android™ app stores and is quick to implement. Cardholders easily learn to navigate through the CardValet setup to define customized alerts and controls.


Location-based alerts and controls
Location controls restrict transactions to merchants located within a certain range of each cardholder's location (using the phone's GPS); transactions requested outside of the specified range can be declined

Usage alerts and controls
Users can establish spending limits to
allow transactions up to a certain dollar value
and decline transactions when amounts
exceed pre-defined thresholds

Merchant alerts and controls
Transactions can be monitored or controlled
for specific purchases, such as gas, hotel,
travel, restaurants and groceries. Transactions
can also be monitored and controlled for specific transaction categories like in-store purchases,
e-commerce transactions, mail/phone
orders and ATM transactions

On/off setting
Cardholders can disable a lost or stolen card.
When the card is "on," transactions are
allowed in accordance with each cardholder's
usage control settings. When the card is
off, no purchases or withdrawals are approved
until the card is turned back on


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Read the CardValet Privacy Policy.

Consumer Marketing Campaigns

We’re making it simple for you to tell your cardholders about the features and benefits of CardValet. Fiserv provides marketing kits that include both digital and physical collateral. Customization and digital access are free – pay only for shipping and printing if you choose to use our service.

Marketing Assets Available

  • Social Media Posts
  • Web Banners
  • Email Template
  • Website Content
  • Buckslip/Insert
  • Branch Signage
  • Counter Card
  • Lanyard Insert for Staff
  • Smart App Banners
  • Call Center Talking Points
  • Simplified Launch Plan
  • Marketing Toolkit Instructions

All CardValet marketing assets include sample language. Financial institutions are free to edit at will and should consult their legal and compliance advisors prior to publishing.

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