Card Self-Service

Card Self-Service from Fiserv is a 24/7 Voice Response Unit (VRU) cardholders can call toll-free to activate their new, reissued or replacement cards. Cardholders can also select or change their personal identification numbers (PINs).

Cardholders want quick and secure methods to activate their cards and personalize their PINs. With Card Self-Service, your cardholders have complete control over card activation and PIN change services. Active cards with easy-to-remember and secure PINs give cardholders confidence – translating into increased transaction volumes and interchange opportunities for you.


Card Self-Service puts control in the hands of cardholders and provides these other key benefits:

  • Services are available through a single toll-free number
  • Safe, secure and PCI-compliant
  • 24/7 availability
  • Immediate use of cards following successful call completion
  • PIN mailers are not required, eliminating expense

Comprehensive options: 

The Card Self-Service toll-free number provides cardholders with these easy-to follow options:

  • Activate a card
  • Activate a card and select a new PIN
  • Activate a card and change a forgotten PIN
  • Activate a card and change a known PIN
  • Select a new PIN
  • Change a forgotten PIN
  • Change a known PIN

Safe, secure and immediate: 

The Card Self-Service VRU is available around-the-clock and from any phone, giving cardholders the flexibility to activate cards or make PIN changes at their convenience. Cardholders will be asked to provide specific information that identifies them to the VRU, and a series of quick prompts will guide them through the system. Once a call is successfully completed, cardholders can immediately use their cards.


Card Self-Service makes PIN mailers optional, which could significantly reduce the expense associated with administrative overhead, material and postage costs. Capabilities available through the Fiserv VRU can also be combined with ATM PIN change services from Fiserv to provide multiple means for cardholders to customize their PINs.

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