Card Expert

Card ExpertSM from Fiserv provides you with the opportunities you need to deepen consumer relationships and grow your business.

Understanding key portfolio metrics, cardholder behavior and their relationship to your business is critical to long-term success. By integrating data from multiple sources, Card Expert can enrich your business strategy and help build consumer engagement. The analytics you want and insights you need are brought to life through intuitive and configurable dashboards that provide a 360º view of your debit and credit card programs.

View streamlined and comprehensive data from multiple sources in intuitive dashboards

Access a single platform for expansive, configurable and extractable dashboards and data

Act on insights that optimize the portfolio performance and enhance the cardholder experience

Card Expert goes beyond portfolio-level data starting with integrated credit and debit dashboards and expanding to include data from your ATM fraud control system, loyalty program, contact center, alert and notification system and more.


Actionable data is critical in an increasingly competitive market. Card Expert is an industry-leading solution that gives you access to deeper business insights across your portfolio, enabling you to:

  • Segment and monitor consumer behavior with a 360º view of debit and credit data
  • Measure and forecast strategic and business goals
  • Answer commonly asked questions with easy-to-use dashboards
  • View up to 24 months of data
  • Maximize information-sharing and take action with intuitive dashboards
  • Make informed decisions to improve critical aspects of your business
  • Scale and customize the platform based on the data needs of your organization


Provide insights for every level of your organization from product managers, operations, marketing directors, CFOs and CEOs. Boost your analytics capabilities, enjoy a holistic view of your portfolio and make data-driven decisions without a data scientist.

Configurable dashboards

Integrated data across debit, credit and ATM platforms

Data filtering, exporting and mining capabilities

Instant, automated answers to questions


data alerts

Drill-down to
consumer details

Simple, easy-to-use interface

Interactive community engagement to share best practices

Real-time delivery of dashboard availabity via email subscription

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Reimagine What’s Possible

Hear from a panel of clients on how the insights provided by Card Expert have answered their data questions and unlocked the full potential of their debit and credit card portfolios.

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Select the Package That’s Right for You

Card Expert was created for clients with clients and offers two packages customized to fit your unique needs.  Select the Card Expert package that works best to centralize, consolidate and organize your debit and credit data into a single source of truth.  

Card Expert Toolkit

Best for high-level data

  • Review summary-level analytics
  • View product-level dashboards
  • Export your dashboard images
  • Filter findings by product

Card Expert

Includes more detailed data

  • Includes all functionality from Card Expert Toolkit
  • Dive deeper into your data with interactive drill downs
  • Create custom tables via Ask Card Expert
  • Set data alerts
  • View predictive and prescriptive analytics to conduct self-serve campaigns
  • Export data via CSV, PowerPoint, PDF and other file formats
  • Enhanced benchmarking
  • Enter portfolio questions and get immediate answers

With any analytics package you have the option of engaging our experts to guide your overall strategy. You also become part of  a collaborative community of peers - led by Fiserv advisors - to share best practices, growth strategies and product enhancement feedback via recurring Office Hour sessions


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