All Transactions File

Manage all of your financial transaction data through a single point of access with All Transactions File™ from Fiserv. All Transactions File provides a "cradle-to-grave" view of transaction data for faster, easier payment investigations.


An enterprise system-of-record that provides a centralized point of access for the transaction data coming in from many different sources, All Transactions File makes costly and time-consuming manual processes obsolete. Accessing its open database with a standard web browser, you can use All Transactions File to store, access and manage transaction data from all the payments that pass through your bank. It preserves critical data for long-term archival and simplifies research into payment histories, including the initial processing of a transaction and all subsequent processes, like returns or adjustments. Users have online access to All Transactions File and can easily search transactions, locate a deposit or transfer, and find details of items within a transaction. Bank employees and other payments applications can search All Transactions File as well to automate data retrieval processes.

All Transactions File is designed to support your payments environment as it evolves, so you can define and implement new rules, actions, data structures and payment information. You can customize and extend the system to fit your bank's transaction data reporting needs, making research into transactions more accurate and efficient.


All Transactions File eliminates information silos and gives a true life-cycle view across all transaction events and payment types. It includes: 

  • Access through a standard Web browser for search transactions
  • An enterprise-wide index for documents and linkages associated with a particular transaction, including check images and ACH conversions, that improves research accuracy
  • Efficient search capabilities extend across multiple data fields and repositories, including items, bundles, cash letters and associated images
  • An easy-to-use central tool for transaction audit trails and analytics that eliminates data silos
  • Support for most standard payments information, including item detail and source and destination data
  • Support for converging payments through a total view of transaction data necessary for ACH and Check 21 research

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