Adjustments Express

Make your bank's dispute resolution and adjustment process more efficient by automating back office processes with Adjustments Express™ from Fiserv.


Banks are now handling many different types of digital transactions for electronic payments, including ACH, ATM, bill pay and debit cards. They need one system that makes managing disputes and adjustments for electronic transactions more efficient.

With Adjustments Express, you can automate the adjustment process for check and electronic payments and streamline case management. Adjustments Express is an image-based, workflow-enabled system that enables operators to resolve cases more quickly and without depending on paper reports. It uses bank-specific rules to either automatically resolve a case or assign it to the best operator for that case. Case operators can scan documents into the system, retrieve archived images and have online access to different sources of case information, which helps them work each case more quickly. Adjustments Express also creates customer correspondence and claim forms for electronic distribution and storage.

By automating back office processes, you can improve employees' productivity while eliminating data entry errors and reducing risk to your bank. At the same time, customers receive their adjustment claims sooner.

As the leader in dispute resolution and online payment solutions, Fiserv delivers powerful tools designed in partnership with leading banks to improve compliance, create a paperless environment and enhance customer satisfaction.


Adjustments Express offers a range of features that help the largest financial institutions, service-centers and even mid-sized and community banks streamline their back office processes: 

  • Payments environment that supports paper, image and electronic transactions for quick access to all the data necessary to resolve cases
  • Automatic case prioritization based on bank-set parameters to ensure that high-risk cases are handled appropriately
  • Automatic and manual tools for inputting, processing and supervising dispute cases that reduce data entry errors
  • Decisioning tools that use bank-specified rules to process duplicates, offsets and charge-offs
  • Integration with the Fiserv All Transactions File™ database for storing multiple data types, including check, adjustments and ACH
  • Integration with the Fiserv Web Express™ Case Entry for submitting case requests to the right end-user groups for processing

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